Remember me?

I’m the one who cried, and layed up on your chest

But now you dead and gone

I know you resting in peace, and may God bless

I wish I had you back in my Life

Nothing but stress, tears; in my eyes

So many years done passed, since two ones that we shared


I made it and manifested your essence

Illuminated my third Eye, so many lessons

They had me under pressure; you know how these devils do

A warrior, a fighter, survivor, I’m all that’s left of you

It’s in the bloodlines, cultivating young minds

Living in these hell times, I’m navigating land mines

Fighting For Freedom by any means

Crack phene’s back in the day intelligent teens

Like Marcus Garvey and Huey P

I do for self and all of those

Knee deep, up in this slavery you see

I love you momma, my baby, you know I miss ya

I’m living in the struggle, so I know you get the picture


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