Debate Request


I have no time for Twitter and other social media yelling matches, so anyone interested in debating me and putting their intellectual reputation on the line, below are the guidelines.


I "Do Not" need your money, and I am "not" asking you to pay me a dime. You must be able to debate three 30 minute rounds on the selected debate topic.

Make sure to complete the form below. List your credentials and the topic you would like to debate. Let me know if you are only interested in participating in a live stream debate as well.

If you meet the requirements to debate me on live stream, I will let you know.

If I decide to debate you publicly, and you agree to the terms, the amount I will pay you will not exceed $700. In order to request money for a debate, you must display at least one published literary work or show that you can draw an audience to the debate. 

Once again, I am not asking for "YOU" to pay me to debate me, so don't send me any responses claiming that I am.

If I decide to host a live event to debate you, my company will charge $15 at the door, and 25% of the proceeds received at the door will go to a charity of your choice. I will pocket the rest of the money for hosting the event (Once again, I do not need your money)

We will allow YOU to sell items as a vendor during the event for FREE.

You must agree to sign a waiver allowing us to record the event, allowing us to use the video and audio for any purpose we see fit.

If you meet the requirements, and you agree to travel to Atlanta to publicly debate me, we will only cover your hotel expense. (food and movie rentals not included)


 Holiday Inn Atlanta-Perimeter / Dunwoody will be the official hotel. If you agree to all the terms, we will book you for two days to be determined. Official website:


We'll rent out a ball room and give you two months to prepare.

Are you ready to put your intellectual reputation on the line

Contact us at 404-923-0255 if you have any questions

No more than two topics will be debated

We will allow you to rent a projector to display your sources and presentation


Contact us If you are ready to put your intellectual reputation on the line

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