Fantasy NBA Round Robin

A list off the best players in the NBA, from 1990 to current, was recently compiled, and players were randomly selected to a five-man team, excluding the center position.   For the next few weeks, I will allow readers to vote on specific game match-ups, and based on the results, along with other factors, I will create a fantasy detail of the tournament results leading into the following weeks.  This will consist of a 16-team fantasy tournament.  Readers will vote for a team from 2 match-ups a day, from June 5 through June 8th of 2011.  On Friday, June 10th.  The results of the first round will be revealed with fantasy commentary.  Enjoy and stay 1up.

Team I

Team J

C Alonzo Mourning

PF Larry Bird

SF Tracy McGrady

SG Joe Johnson

PG Terrell Brandon

C Jermaine O’Neal

PF Vin Baker

SF Grant Hill

SG Vince Carter

PG Tony Parker

Team K

 Team L

C Yao Ming

PF Kevin Garnett

SF Glenn Rice

SG Kobe Bryant

PG Mark Price

C Rick Smits

PF Shawn Kemp

SF Clyde Drexler

SG Reggie Miller

PG Derrick Rose

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