Before you get a student loan to attend a college you can not afford, please read this article first.

Does it make sense to be in college if you are going to be paying off debt and working for someone else for the next 20 years after your graduation?

How will attending college improve your life and the lives of the people around you?

Your credit rating is very important. Do you know when to reject student loans?

While you’re in college, where and how can you gain valuable work experience?

Why is social entrepreneurship important?

How can you stay 1up concerning your community and your future?

Before you rush to go off to college on a student loan, do the following and you will be ahead of the curve. 

Obtain a business license in your home state.  It’s ok if you don’t know anything about business at this point.  Think of something you are interested in and give the business a name.  The state will let you know if the name is available when you try to register the name.  Depending on what type of business you select, I like to suggest getting the L.L.C. for the business structure.  This should not cost more then $100.  Read up on the issue and self educate yourself.

After you get your Employee Identification Number or (EIN), Open a business bank account at any local bank.  All you will need is about $25 to open the account.  You will be provided a company debit card.  Based on your credit rating, you may also be able to apply for a company credit card.  Whatever you purchase on this card, pay it back in full immediately.  This will help you build the company’s trade credit line. 

Apply and get a business card with one or two of the following vendors:



Office Depot


The Home Depot

Any Gas Business Card

Ask local vendors if they issue out business cards.

Save all your receipts

Find a Job…Any job for the time being.  If you can hold a job down for at least six months, you will be in good shape when tax time comes around.

Plan to file your taxes yourself under turbo tax, or something similar online next year.  This year, make sure to talk to someone who prepares taxes and let them walk you through it your first time around.  Let them know you have an EIN number with all your receipts. 

Never Accept Student Loans…Stay Away From Loans

Be open to attending the local Junior College, as long as you can afford to pay for it without having to get loans.

Get a library card and check out free books on the profession and trade you are interested in.  Self Educate Yourself.

Volunteer your time with someone who knows and is involved in doing an actual skilled trade.  Make sure the trade is commonly in high demand.  Learn as much as you possibly can and ask a lot of questions.  Reading about the trade is also something you can do for free at the local library.   If you decide to work for someone else in the corporate world and by chance you are ever laid off.  Make sure you are capable of doing more then one job, and that your trade is usually in high demand. Examples of skilled trades that are usually in high demand are:


Auto mechanic

Computer Technician

Don’t buy a new car or get a car note.  Get that $1,200 car or save up a little more and purchase a new car.

Let go of your ego and buy the bulk of your clothes at places like Good will and the salvation army.  They sell a lot of items that are hardly used and that will look great on you.  So what if they are used…Just dry clean them.  They also sell used music and other items that you waste most of your money on.  The new items you spend most of your money on are material items that will set you back.  Focus on building your credit and creating your savings.

Read my booklet, “What Do You Think”, and try to answer as many questions as possible written in it.

If possible, build an alliance with individuals who have read this list and are dedicated to the same exact cause as you.  If feasible, see if all of you can focus on becoming experts at different trades so that each of you can be beneficial to the other as you get older. 

Thank your creator daily.

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