The percentage arguments that white supremacists use to criminalize blacks using crime data is old but powerful propaganda.

For Example, the 2014 FBI CRIME data says blacks are responsible for 58.9% of Gambling Crimes. 
What the White nationalists and White supremacists fail to tell you is that there were ONLY 4,363 Gambling crimes listed, and that blacks were responsible for 2,568 of those crimes. 

When you put into Context that Blacks represent around 38,929,319 of the total population (13%) and there were only 2,568 blacks who were involved in this crime, you see that there is no correlation that links this crime to the Majority of the Black population, as less than 1% of blacks have any involvement.

But the white nationalists and white supremacists will say .. Look, blacks only make up ONLY 13% of the population, but they committed 58% of the all Gambling crimes. What they are saying is LITERALLY TRUE.

Here is the problem. These racists take it one step further and start claiming, Blacks are prone to be Gamblers. They will exaggerate by saying blacks can’t be trusted and need to get a grip of what’s going on in their community. They will start making demands for more blacks to examine what’s wrong in the “black community.” All of this is based on the Exaggeration of the FACT. They magnify and create Stereotypes and Negative Images of blacks being criminal gamblers and the black community being riddled with criminal gamblers preying on society. The Boogie man criminal Black gambler campaign gets underway. 

Eventually they stereotype the Entire black population as Criminal Gamblers, which is a false Narrative. Remember, based on the FBI data there were only 2,568 blacks actually responsible for gambling crimes out of 38,929,319 Blacks. The black Population overwhelming (over 99%) was not charged with the Gambling Crimes listed in the FBI data. 2,568 out of 38,929,319 is a VERY small number and a percentage that represents not even 1% of the black population.

This is how White supremacists and white Nationalists present half of the facts & leave out important information out the same crime data which usually represents a new context and outlook with different perspective of the Big picture. They are purposely presenting the data out of context as they present (Half Truths). They are not lying … Facts are Facts … But they are purposely misleading people because they are not presenting ALL of the FACTS. They are leaving out important details.  It’s a great art form of propaganda that has been used by many for a very long time.  2014 FBI CRIME DATA