Five individuals live in the Washington D.C. area. 

Mike has just opened a brand new restaurant and business is really slow. He does not have money to launch a marketing campaign, and he knows he needs some form of revenue to start paying the rent on his new building. He’s contacted a web designer, but the cost of the website digs into his electric bill, which is more important for now. The web designer is also responsible for doing the first wave of promotional print materials. He needs to create more awareness about his new restaurant, and he needs to figure out a way to bring in new customers, to generate more revenue.

Tanya is an aspiring R&B artist. She currently has 12 newly recorded songs, but she has no platform to promote her work and display her talent. She knows she is talented, but she is unable to afford the expenses that come with marketing and promoting her project. She needs a platform to perform and display her talents. She also needs help creating a fan base.

Xavier works a 9 to 5 corporate job, but recently received his 501c(3) certification, for his newly founded nonprofit organization. Excited about pursuing his life passion, he contacts a web designer, but the cost of the website is currently too expensive. He does not have the income to hire a full time office staff, but he needs administrative assistance to have any success. He needs help to create awareness, and to generate revenue for the newly founded organization. He also needs administrative assistance in setting up his operational system.

Roscoe is a 19-year-old college student, is excellent with graphic designing, creating flyers, banners, posters, and other forms of art. He often sends out his work on social media, and many people give him positive feedback about his work. Roscoe thinks he can create a business, and generate revenue, that will help him through his college experience, but he is not sure how to go about gaining clients, and promoting his talents for revenue. Roscoe needs clients, and he needs a venue to allow him to display his talents. He needs public visibility for his work.

Terry is single and happens to have a lot of free time on her hands. She wants to be more socially active, and to leave the house more. She loves to cook, and she feels that she makes the best jerk chicken in the metro D.C. area. She would like to be more involved in her community, and would also like to display her talents to a larger audience.

What do these individuals have in common with one another? They are each talented, but feel that they are limited to what they are able to accomplish. They each feel an obstacle in their way. What they see as an obstacle, we see as a tremendous opportunity. The 1up philosophy is to show individuals how to network and build as a team. Staying 1up means recognizing the power of networking to accomplish individual goals. These individuals see obstacles, but let me show you how 1up entertainment strategically operates to create economic empowerment through unity and networking, sharing the wealth.

At 1up Entertainment/Consulting, our job is to connect individuals who share different skill sets and resources, but whom are compatible, from an operation, and economic empowerment standpoint.

Knowing the needs of all the individuals described above, it starts with us reaching out to Xavier. He decides he would like to work with us to aid his non-profit organization. He hires us a virtual assistant, and he pays us to do administrative work by the hour. We build a website for his organization, 50% less than his last quote. We link the website with multiple social media networks, helping to enhance a digital marketing networking presence. Xavier is pleased, and he allows us to plan a strategic event for the organization. This is done to help increase revenue and awareness for the organization. If needed, this is done with a limited budget. Our job is to create the theme of the event, and the event type.

For Xavier, we decide to have an evening charity dinner, with a live stage performance. We have to find the venue, contact the entertainment, and figure out a cost effective way to orchestrate the marketing and promotions of the event. Our job is to link together the individuals who can provide all the resources for this event, but we need to make sure that each individual needs are met, in the process of this joint venture. We have to clearly display how each individual benefits from participating in the event, and we have to outline what is expected of each individual, in order for the joint venture to be successful. We have to clearly explain the short and long term benefits of this joint venture to each individual, so that everyone can agree to work together. Once the research is completed, we seek out Mike, Tanya, Roscoe, and Terry, to work with Xavier. We make sure to understand all of their needs, and we make a pitch to each individual to get them involved in the networking process.

First, we contact Mike and ask him to sponsor an evening charity dinner, by allowing us to use his establishment as the venue. So Mike wants to know what’s in it for him. He informs us that he has bills to pay. From our research, we know that Mike needs to create more awareness for his new restaurant, and he needs to figure out a way to bring in new customers to generate more revenue, so we offer to build his website (for an extremely low price/or based on the work that is needed, we may even offer to do it for free) and we explain to him, that if he allows the event to be held in his establishment, it will bring in potential new customers, and that he will get free promotions from the advertising of the event. We tell him that there is a chance we can also enhance the image of the restaurant, by providing free art work to post around the venue, and affordable print (promotions) moving forward. All we ask is that he donates 30% of the night profits, to Xavier’s nonprofit organization. He thinks about it and agrees.

We meet up with Roscoe and ask him to sponsor an evening charity dinner. We explain to him how we can put him in a position to get new clients, and to help him gain more public visibility for his work. We tell him that we can get his art displayed all over the walls of Mike’s restaurant, if he agrees to create the posters and the print (promotions) materials for the evening charity dinner. We also ask him to help promote the event by posting it all over his social media sites, since he has a large following of people who admire his work. We promise that he will be acknowledged for his artwork, during the event, and that print material promoting his work will be handed out to individuals attending the event. We agree to mention him as a potential art and graphic designer, to the nonprofit organizations that we encounter moving forward.

We meet with Tanya and ask her to sponsor an evening charity dinner, by agreeing to be the headline entertainer. We explain to her how it will create a platform for her to perform and display her talents. We also explain how her participation will be beneficial in helping her expand her fan base. We explain how she will be mentioned on the marketing a promotional material, and how she can negotiate with Mike (after the event) to perform anytime, from once a month, to maybe even once a week. We offer to build her website for 50% less than the average quote, and we ask Roscoe to show her how to set up pages on ReverbNation, and other online sites for inspiring musicians. Tanya and Roscoe negotiate on other marketing and promotional projects, allowing him to display his talents and allowing her to get affordable artwork, or even free artwork, for her music projects. The two agree to promote each other moving forward, as they work on their presentations, for the upcoming evening charity dinner.

We come across Terry, and we inform her of the upcoming evening charity dinner that is being planned. We ask her if she would be willing to volunteer, and be the host at the door. She declines the invitation, but wants to know if she can cook her infamous jerk chicken dish at the event instead. We contact Mike, and explain what Terry wants to do. Mike and Terry meet, and he agrees to let her prepare one of the side dishes, during the event. Mike now has another person to help out in the kitchen, which he will not have to pay, for the evening charity event.

By agreeing to work together, and not dismissing the joint venture, and by not demanding high fees, for each of our services, we all create a working network that can be beneficial to each of us, long term. We can charge our normal fees, once we have obtained more clients and more customers, through working together. Being humble and making sacrifices allows all of us to move forward, through networking together, and by aiding each other into economic empowerment. This key is for us to reach our long-term revenue capability. Our message needs to remain positive, and our approach always needs to be professional. In such a scenario, I would like for these individuals, and 1up Entertainment/Consulting, to keep it in the family, meaning, we continue to work as a team to promote and advertise for one another, beyond the charity evening dinner. The idea is for people unite and work together, to generate revenue and to solve problems. This example is the ideal working and networking strategy for 1up Entertainment.

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