Fake Freedom Fighters



By Saye Taryor


Many supporters of the GOP, the Republican Party, Fox News, Glenn Beck, and other conservative radio personalities claim that their country is slowly being taken away from them by Obama’s administration and by socialist or even communist liberals in congress.  They have decided that they will not allow this to happen without taking a stand.  So now we have a conservative wing of Freedom fighters.  They are upset about the expansion of the government, (they are scared about losing their rights, as granted in the Constitution by their forefathers) they think they are being taxed too high………….Or they support the conservative principals of less taxes and open domestic markets with less regulation for big business.  Why, because they think the wealth will trickle down to the average citizen and create wealth and jobs for the nation.  They look at Ronald Reagan as blueprint for a presidency and embrace his politics.  They look at FDR and see the mistake that never should have taken place.  They see the Clintons and the Obama’s of the world as evil people with an evil agenda.  They see the Democratic congress as a bunch a crazy socialist loon’s.  Or just a bunch of stupid liberals being lead by a revolutionary communist with a hidden agenda.  They feel that spending and the national debt is getting out of control, government is too big and intrusive, and that there was a time when this country was once great and held the principals of their forefathers.  Since I like to keep it fair and balance (as Fox News would say) I will move on to show the hypocrisy in the new freedom fighting movement that has caught fire with the Republican Party.  I call it the “Fake Freedom Fighters Movement.”  If you’re one of the individuals who agrees with all or even some of the things I listed in the first paragraph, I am sure you would like for me to give an explanation as to why I feel this way.  We have a chaotic and foggy situation here, so let me bring a few facts to light.  The same people crying about the federal debt were not in the streets marching when Reagan and his administration took the Gross national debt from 32.6% to 53.1%.  These same freedom fighters praised him as their hero.  The same political party (GOP) they affiliate themselves with held the presidency during the highest increase of the national debt thus far.  (No freedom fighting protest under George Bush)  but let them tell it…it was Obama who is taking their country away from them.  Below are the top 3 presidents in increasing national debt as a percentage of GDP:

1. Ronald Reagan, Republican (Republican majority in Congress)

2. George H.W. Bush, Republican (Democratic majority in Congress)

3. George W. Bush, Republican (Republican majority in Congress)

4. Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford, Republican (Democratic majority in Congress)

http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/tables/09s0452.xls (supporting evidence from us census bureau)

I agree that the national debt is high and that there has to be some fiscal overlook, but to only attack the Obama administration and not be just as outraged at the GOP/ knowing what Reagan, Bush and Nixon/Ford did (by percentage in increase) during their administrations, is sort of a mixed signal here.  It’s hypocritical and some might say it is based off other hidden emotions or agenda. 

            My 2nd point is based off the claim that they are loosing their freedoms.  I want to run down a few things here that everyone reading this article should look into.  Rex 84 (1984), The USA Patriot ACT (2001), Verichip (2004), V-MADS or the Active Denial System (fully operated 2007) and then look the past history of Cointelpro.  If you are not familiar with these things, please look them up and see what is going on around you.  FOX News would have been outraged if any one of those things would have been introduced or presented during the Obama administration.  But you only heard about the Verichip on Fox and they did not question if the Bush administration could use such a device for taking freedoms away.  They presented it as a normal story, and you have never heard anything else about the verichip since.  But my God…….Obama is an evil socialist who will control your life with laws and suppress you with government and secret technology……ahh, do you know that each one of the things mentioned above came about during Republican leadership.  I am not saying that the Obama administration will be free of corruption and not use any of these things…I am however saying (if you are a real freedom fighter) you recognize danger and foolishness no matter which administration or political party is in office.  (Your in opposition to Universal healthcare)……But the Verichip is cool.  As if you didn’t loose more of your freedoms after the Patriot Act was passed by GW?  There have been people in America who have held fewer freedoms then others even after the constitution was written.  From the Jim Crow era through Cointelpro, true freedom fighters have stood up (and are still standing up to fight for freedom).  Freedom fighters fight to Obtain freedom from those who oppress.  These Conservative (fake freedom fighters) are talking about fighting to keep freedoms…..but they are siding with the people who have always been the Oppressor of Freedom in this country (the government).  They have been brain washed to think they are loosing power.  I agree one should fight for freedom but they are fighting with the people who stole their 401 K, and took their jobs overseas, and put them in the situation some of them are in now.  Now that is gangster….I screw you and then you fight on my behalf to keep money coming in my pocket…..WOW.  I say there is something else driving this movement of fake freedom fighters.  If they were true freedom fighters, they would have the GOP, the Democratic Party, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and all these organizations under a microscope…….they would not be at tea parties cheering with politicians and millionaire businessmen.  They would be skeptical of all politicians…People at these rallies experienced 8 years of GW………so how now can they still embrace Republican politics and forget how they lost their jobs and their 401K savings under conservative policies.  A freedom fighter is a fighter of morality and freedom for all….not a fighter for government and government principals of one specific party or some mega corporate firm.  They will tell you that Obama hangs with terrorist and evil pastor Wright.  But they will forget how Reagan’s administration pandered to terrorist and sold them weapons (Iran Contra Affair).…  They will not tell you how Reagan supported known terrorist like Sadaam H. and aided Iraq in the 1980’s (during the Iran-Iraq war) while he killed his own people with chemical gases.  So what if you were in the middle of a cold war.  You don’t sleep in the bed with evil and get them to do your dirty work, because it will come back to hunt you.  A true freedom fighter speaks out whenever an atrocity is being committed, no matter which political party is in office.  That’s is why I call this new conservative movement “Fake Freedom Fighters.”  They are not freedom fighters at all. 

            Finally, if you are against Universal healthcare because it is a socialist concept, then be consistent with such a stand. Patrician for no more public schools, Fight to do away with the public Library and the fire and police departments.  Those are also socialist concepts.  But if you are comfortable with those things then listen to the debate and honestly search for the pro’s and cons.  Go to different fact check websites and don’t let talk radio and cable news control how you feel on the issue.  If you still disagree then so be it.  For those of you who are honestly concerned, I can understand.  For all those fake freedom fighters…………..Just watch and read below and continue to allow FOX News, ABC News or any other media  to control how you think…..