By Saye Taryor - Monday 27 Jun 2011

Don’t pledge allegiance to a flag, a flag is but a cloth to me.
You tell me that the flag I see, means freedom, one in unity.
You tell me no place will I find, the liberty with which I seek.
Say if I can’t salute this flag, then find another place to sleep.
But listen closely to my words, and heed the message I reveal.
Allegiance that I pledge is real, no symbolism gives me thrill.
A country is but made of men, and mostly men will disagree.
A country changes year to year, and noble men are whom I hear.
So brothers home, or ones abroad, who speak within a noble cause.
With liberty, for one for all, no matter where the land or shores.
The freedom and equality are not the things I’ve yet to see.
Must pay to sleep, must pay to eat, must pay to live, your pledge you keep.
Will work from morning deep to dawn, to build the love I speak upon.
Deceive and use the flag no more, I’ll break divides and reach out more.
To all of those around the world, who share the values that you hear.

I pledge allegiance to the ones, who join me in the quest we dare.