Martin Luther King Jr. made a great argument for Black Americans to gain reparations from America in his final literary work.

“But underneath, the ambivalence of white America toward the Negro still lurked with painful persistence.  With all the beautiful promise that Douglass saw in the Emancipation Proclamation, he too found that it left the Negro with only abstract freedom.  Four million newly liberated slaves found themselves with no bread to eat, no land to cultivate, no shelter to cover their heads.  It was like freeing a man who had been unjustly imprisoned for years, and on discovering his innocence sending him out with no bus fare to get home, no suit to cover his body, no financial compensation to atone for his long years of incarceration and to help him get a sound footing in society; sending him out with only the assertion: “Now you are free.”  What great injustice could society perpetrate?  All the moral voices of the universe, all the codes of sound jurisprudence, would rise up with condemnation at such an act.  Yet this is exactly what America did to the Negro.  In 1863 the Negro was given abstract freedom expressed in luminous rhetoric.  But in an agrarian economy he was given no land to make liberation concrete.  After the war the government granted white settlers, without cost, millions of acres of land in the West, thus providing Americas new peasants from Europe with an economic floor.”  – MLK

(Where Do We Go From Here – Chaos or Community)

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