Over Population of American Jails

Jails should only be owned, and run, by the state.  No state, or individual should be able to make a profit from the creation of a jail or prison.  Wages earned by inmates should be the same as the minimum wage rendered within the state in which the jail , or prison, is located.  If inmates have children, some of the monies, earned from their labor, should go to their children to aid for their living expenses.  For individuals who will be released in the future, some of the monies they have earned, (from their hard labor) should be set aside and handed to them during their release date, so they will not have to depend on the state immediately for financial assistance.   This option would of course only be given to individuals displaying good behavior, having had no prior criminal record.

On States Making People Take Drug Test Who Receive Government Assistance

Mandate that all individuals, who request for federal or state financial assistance, be required to first pass a drug screening.  If CEO’s ask for bailout money, make them take drug test.  If small business owners ask for loans, make them take a drug test first.  Equal treatment is the theme.  If you are not willing to drug test all groups of individuals, do not mandate drug testing for hand picked groups throughout society.  Treat others, as you would like to be treated.

Monitoring Elected Officials/ Unemployment

Mandate that each state examine their unemployment outlook, and allow each state to provide a detailed proposal for federal assistance, showing specifically how each dollar will be spent.  Demand that a progress report be given each quarter, and have bullet points that describe how progress will be monitored.  This helps to hold selected state officials to more accountability to the failures, and successes, of their governing.  It also helps to document, in more detail, specific projects successes and failures.  Using this method, government officials are no longer able to hide behind failed legislations, philosophies, or to play politics behind party lines. 


Individuals should not have to pay federal taxes.  The federal government should only collect taxes from states.  Individual states should be able to decide if they want to use the fair tax policy, the 9 percent policy, or if they want to tax the wealthiest 2 percent of corporations, or individual incomes within each state a little more.  If a state decides to tax less, it can do so, the state will still be responsible for paying federal taxes, based on the amount of federal money and assistance it receives annually.  

Allow individual states to control and dictate corporate regulations, mandates, and taxes.  That way, people can better hold elected officials accountable.  Results showing the cost of living, job creation, job growth, the quality of schools, will eventually determine which philosophical outlooks and strategies work. 

Corporate mandates and pricing, nationally, should not be based on the laws of the state in which the corporate headquarters are located.  Corporate pricing, or mandates, for national customers, should vary, via individual states.  If I live in Maryland, and government officials in Maryland decide to enforce strict corporate regulations, if I want to maintain a chain store in Maryland, I would have to agree to the mandates and the pricing guidelines set by the state of Maryland.  If Rhode Island state laws are different, customers in Maryland might receive a different price or interest rate on similar items.  Corporations can choose, and decide, if they want to sell their products or services within each state.  This should eliminate corporate monopolies.  It also allows people to decide if their elected officials are looking out for their best interest, and it allows governing and political philosophies to be dissected.  In years time, if the methods, used by government officials in Rhode island, increase the cost of living for individuals living in the state, and corporations decline selling products and services in the state, people living in Rhode Island will eventually vote for political leaders who suggest (based on factual evidence) that the state adopt to different policies used by other states, having more success rates in cost of living, job creation, school quality, etc.   

Evaluating the Job of Presidents

Make a list of how many proposals the president creates and presents to congress.  Make a list of each item within the proposal that was passed by the house and congress.  Document the ideas that were not passed by congress and the house.  Follow the life of the legislations that were passed quarterly, and monitor it’s effectiveness.  Note and document why it did or did not work quarterly make it public.  Some time legislations work for some and not for others.  Make sure to follow this closely while documenting results.  Some time legislation does not go into effective immediately, so take all things into consideration.  Watch video of previous elections, and document promises and political platforms taken by the president.  Monitor immediate explanations, if promises are not kept.  Monitor attempts for solutions, roadblocks, and challenges that exist.  Read bills and legislations which are vetoed by the president.  Make a list of bills and legislations that are passed by the president. Decide which legislations and bills effect you directly, (for the bills which have gone into effect) and read them (as much as you can) to try to figure out if you agree with them or not.  Don’t let political pundits dictate your reality.  Don’t assume some one else analysis is the truth.  Even those who may be affiliated with your political philosophy may not be trusted to not have biases, when they are evaluating.  Try to eliminate bias, and look more at, results, production, and how “you”, have been affected, by bills passed, or not passed, specifically.     

Self Evaluation and Moral Conduct 

Treat others how you would like to be treated.   Examine and critique others how you would like to be examined.  Criticize others how you would like to be criticized, and talk about, and to others, how you would like to be spoken to, or about.  Ask questions to self examine who you are, and what you feel about the world around you.  A good self evaluation read is “What do you Think”

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