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Six Simple Solutions To American Politics

Posted by saye on Wednesday, September 28, 2011,

Over Population of American Jails

Jails should only be owned, and run, by the state.  No state, or individual should be able to make a profit from the creation of a jail or prison.  Wages earned by inmates should be the same as the minimum wage rendered within the state in which the jail , or prison, is located.  If inmates have children, some of the monies, earned from their labor, should go to their children to aid for their living expenses.  For individuals who will be released in the f...

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“Homeless, living in America”

Posted by Saye Taryor on Saturday, April 9, 2011,

Have you ever been approached by a homeless panhandler?  I would normally spare a dollar, or whatever little change was dangling in my pockets, when those moments took place.  I’ve wondered how these individuals found themselves in such a predicament, where they were homeless, jobless, and broke.  The thought never crossed my mind that some day I would be the individual begging for change and searching for a place to sleep deep into the night.  I mean, come on, I had a full time co...

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About Me

Brother Saye Brother Saye (Saye Menlekeh Taryor) is an author, critical thinking education & social entrepreneur activist, founder of 1up Entertainment/Consulting and the leading voice for “The 1up Movement.” The Atlanta/Liberian native graduated from Piney Woods Country Life School (a historically black boarding school, located in central Mississippi) in 1992. Soon after, he enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi, where he pursued a journalism degree. After realizing his true calling was to illuminate young men and women about the importance of social entrepreneurship and critical thinking education, he attended Georgia State University to learn more about critical thinking education and public speaking. Brother Saye has been active with “Generation Y” leadership workshops, which he first hosted with Linda A. Brooks in 2009. As an activist, he currently promotes his 1up programs and workshops, and is the "Atlanta Travel" writer for the Brothers Saye’s most recent book entitled, “Overstanding With a 1up Vision, The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation” has received praise throughout the conscious community. Other published works include, Child development and the importance of critical thinking education, Critical thinking approach to voting, Part II, “The 2009 1up Entertainment Music Guide and Directory, Vol. 1,” “Country Life School,” "What Do You Think?" and, “A Fathers Burden.”


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Social Entrepreneurs

Individuals who engage in social enterprise and draw upon the best thinking in both the business and nonprofit worlds in order to advance their social agenda.  "Social entrepreneurs identify resources where people only see problems. They view the villagers as the solution, not the passive beneficiary. They begin with the assumption of competence and unleash resources in the communities they're serving."
David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas.
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