Below is a list of ten alarming issues that I feel society needs to address and take more seriously.  This list by no means eliminates many of the other serious issues going on in society, it just happens to be the ones that have caught my attention for some time now.

1)      It’s more expensive to purchase food and gas in low income, and urban communities, compared to wealthier, suburban locations.  The idea that people can set up shop in low income communities, knowing that there are limited resources, and to hijack the rates of goods, for capital gain, is tragic and unethical.  Not to mention the fact that people with more wealth have more options and resources, often paying cheaper rates, allowing them to save more of their wealth.

2)      Parents and high school counselors are still pushing young men and women to begin their adult life going into debt, by acquiring student loans for college.  You would think by now, there would be a curriculum provided to students to avoid going into debt behind student loans.  If a student cannot earn an academic scholarship, it’s best that he or she only apply to affordable institutions.  Graduating in the middle of the pack in college, while owing $60,000, is far from a good career move, being that they will spend most of their working lives in debt, subject to paying off a loan, that is constantly growing with interest.

3)      We are told that professional athletes and entertainers make millions, and not once have the wealthiest of these individuals have the conscious mind to collaborate and invest their earnings to create a dynamic network, which primarily deals with economic empowerment through social entrepreneurship, community development through the creation of education and training centers, investment in production oversight, or team management and ownership, and investment in creating or jumpstarting some form of political movement, or agenda.

4)      There are too many communities with more liquor stores than parks, resource centers, and economic and structural development.  That makes no sense at all.  Where I currently reside, there are three liquor stores north, east and west of me, all in walking distance.  Not to mention that the one north of me is next door to a day care center.  There is nothing 1up about that. 

5)      Corporate tycoons, who own alcoholic beverage companies, always seem to be the ones to sponsor local, and many national, hip-hop events.  Let’s not forget that most of the music promoted, and played on mainstream radio, often promotes sex, dugs, violence, and alcohol use.  There seems to be a perfect marriage with the two.

6)      I’m always amazed at the divisive role of religion within society.  Members of each organization all have a testimony to support their organizations beliefs and theology.  I personally like when individuals introduce their congregation to me by asking me to participate in functions, which directly effect individuals within the community.  The pantry and food drives are cool, but I’m talking about social entrepreneurship structures that help create jobs, and that that provide learning, and financial resource centers, not just for members of the church, but for the entire community.  I also dig programs that deal with communication skills and relationship problem and resolution techniques. 

7)      It’s amazing how we can live in a society where two separate news channels can tell us the exact opposites, on so called factual events.  It’s one thing to have a different perspective, but it’s and entire different issue to hold opposite and conflicting facts.  This creates the lane for manipulation and social divide, when everything is based on perspective, and nothing is based on facts. This creates an uncensored and dogmatic society, which does well for opportunist, con artist, and exploiters.

8)      As long as government has existed, isn’t it strange that there are no bi partisan evaluation systems in place to monitor the success and failures of legislation and bills, once political leaders pass them?  Isn’t it strange that there seems to be no regard for fact checking and accurate historical record keeping of results and accomplishments?  I understand that people have different opinions as to what is good or bad, based on their individual outlook, but the fact that politicians are given a pass to spread information without having to be held accountable for the accuracy of their words, and outlooks, is ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous is the fact that old ideas and old legislations are constantly reintroduced to society, with no regards as to what effects they have had previously.  Each political party has organizations that speak on their behalf, but there is no neural process, or guideline, that separates the facts from the opinions.  Worse, there is no structure in place to clearly define the objective of bills and legislation, and then to monitor its accomplishments, rather annually or quarterly.

9)      There seems to me an unsolved mystery, and hidden message to American society, surrounding the deaths of Martin Luther king Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and many other leaders during the 60’s.  The fact that so many leaders, having influence and impact, were all maliciously removed, is something that surely needs to be examined and explored.

10)  The pain, suffering, and misery of the world, that is presented to us by the local news and by television, and the entertainment industry in general, is very alarming.  As presented to us by the media, it seems that most musicians/entertainers suffer horrific tormented, miserable, and depressing lives.  Beyond the money and material wealth, how often do we hear about entertainers committing suicide, dying of drug abuse, being killed in disputes or accidents, or just being miserable and depressed?  The list goes on from Gary Coleman, Biggie Smalls, 2-pac, Kurt Cobain, Brad Renfro, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, etc. 


With that being said, I hope I can work along side individuals to improve our individual condition, and to help create the necessary awareness, within society, that will be needed for a massive self evaluation, and collaborate social change.  I’m willing to work along side religious leaders, educators, musicians, and even politicians, if your objectives are in line with promoting social entrepreneurship and critical thinking education, with regards to treating others, as you would like to be treated.  I say, let’s stay 1up and shake off, avoid, and remove the evils and traps of society.