We Need More Balance
By Saye Menlekeh Taryor

Many would like for you to believe that there are no positives in socialism. Just like everything in life, there are both good and bad concepts in both ways of governing, and I would like to present a concept of the country I would like to live in. Since I live in a capitalist society, I would like to first off shake off the misconceptions about socialism. Many people tell you that we live in a Democracy and that socialism would take away our freedoms and our entrepreneurship spirit. We actually live in a republic based on the pure definition of Democracy and republic. They say the lazy people would live off the hard working people and that there would not be any economic growth due to lack of motivation and lack of competition. They may not realize that the local fire department, police department and public schools are operated by the state. The idea of the state running such enterprises is not perfect, but is no harm to the private sector. Let me rephrase that. The police department has shown harm to the private sector, but that form of inexcusable abuse takes place for due to other reason I will talk about in another blog . As for freedom in a capitalistic system, it is widely known that the US has had the highest imprisonment rate for over the last 25 years. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a report released Feb. 28, 2008 indicates that in the United States, more than 1 in 100 adults are now confined in an American jail or prison.[ The United States currently has 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's incarcerated population. One in every 31 American adults, that's 7.3 million Americans, is in prison, on parole or probation. Some have come to recognize that freedom is not a byproduct of capitalization, since many countries like South Africa, India, and so on are countries that have shown to have problems with freedom and liberty with its citizens.

I say the same can be said with the United States. Capitalism has nothing to do with freedom, since we all know that people of color were oppressed during America’s rise under capitalism. The mere fact that we conclude that socialism takes away freedoms and capitalism gains freedom is a false and misleading observation. Both systems have displayed cases of oppression and limitations of freedom. As for quality of services and products, the “World Health Organization” ranks the United States 72 in Health performance by country, and states that “access in America has deteriorated.” The United States is the only world power that does not currently have Universal healthcare for its citizens. Some socialist reforms may not blend well with our current form of system but some will. Many forms of socialism are flourishing around the Globe. Universal Healthcare is a prime example. The Republic of China is also flourishing economically. They are flourishing so well that the United States government is currently borrowing money from China and currently depends on China for economic stability. With all this being said, I still see a need for free enterprise and open markets. People should never be stopped from gaining capital. I also like the concept of a check and balance government so we should keep the same US based structure in place. House, congress and Senate seats should have limited terms and President and VP terms should stay the same. For those who believe this would never work, let me show you.

Let’s take a look at the changes that would be made to our current capitalistic society to blend in socialist improvements. Schools would be free or affordable to low-income individuals. We would eliminate all affirmative action programs. Universal Healthcare would become mandatory. Free housing consisting of single bedrooms for individuals and multiple bedrooms for entire families would be available for those in need. These homes consist of apartment and town-homes throughout districts with public transportations and business and educational resources. The homes would all have 1 full bath, kitchen with fridge, and a washer and dryer connection. Individuals living within these homes would be responsible for their own utilities, food, cable and satellite and other maintenance housekeeping expenses. Free enterprise in housing would still exist and individuals who could afford to live in luxury homes and plush apartments would still be able to do so. Those who wanted to build and sell condos and homes would still be free to do so if they could afford the cost.

There would of course be regulations to stop monopolies and exploitation of workers with low wages, to gain more capital, would be eliminated. All workers would get the same pay based on their occupation and the entrepreneur homebuilders would have to pay state wages. They could pay more to gain top workers but never less to gain more capital. Now you still have families motivated to live in better homes and people motivated to build new homes for capital gain. You now decrease the homeless rate and you motivate people to want to live in better conditions by not covering the entire house keeping cost and the utilities. You also charge low wage earners who want the government to handle home maintenance and housekeeping. In the main time, you allow them a choice to hire someone from the open market who may charge less or even more. Now free enterprise still exists and people could take advantage of this situation for capital gain. Low-income workers, or individuals who have no jobs will be motivated to work, to pay for the bills and the maintenance that would come with living in these homes. The limited space in these homes would motivate individuals to educate them-selves to gain better jobs to earn more income. The more individuals earn, they would now have the option of living in bigger homes and driving luxury vehicles. All of these things would still be open in the free market for purchase and sells.

The concept of a better living through work, production and regulations would go as followed. Low-income earnings would be based on specific jobs and their importance to the society by a vote of the people and elected government officials, the same as middle class and high-income earners. Low-income earners would make enough to cover living expenses. A single individual living in a one bedroom town home would make enough to cover moderate monthly utilities, food expenses (based on a budgeted system), public transportation fees and just enough for minimal housekeeping cost and educational fees for books and supplies. With education being free or low in cost, individuals would be able to schedule their courses around their workday and not be stressed out about paying monthly rent on such low incomes. They would have to sacrifice such luxuries as cable television expensive garments and entertainment fees if they were to climb out of poverty into the middle class. Free housing would not get them out of poverty, but it would provide them housing to live in and create an opportunity for them to improve their situation. Their hard work and desire would still determine their future. It would not just be a free handout.

The cost of education and Healthcare would be dramatically lowered, so they would now have no excuse and such so called divisive laws like affirmative action would no longer be an issue in this society. The middle class would consist of politicians, lawyers and entertainers. Taxation of their salaries would place them in the middle class bracket. They would have all the opportunities that we currently have in America but they would not be able to gain more than their state salaries from abusing the positions of power. Construction workers and many forms of labor would also be in the middle class. The middle class range of earning would be the same, as it currently exists, continuing as a wide range. Those motivated to be in politics would not be driven by money and power because the money would only be middle class and the power would be transparent and dictated by the people. The house, congress and senate seats would have limited terms and capitalist entrepreneurship would be regulated. Middle class earners who decide to live in free housing will have to pay mandatory housekeeping fees so that they do not take advantage of the system more than they already would be. Entrepreneurs wanting to outsource jobs for more capital would be banned if they intend to exploit workers by paying them less than the minimal salaries that are already in demand. No exploitation of workers by paying below standard wages based on an individual’s job description will be allowed no matter where jobs are outsourced. Those caught violating the law would be punished harshly.

High wage jobs would have all the perks that entertainers and politicians currently have in America. Veteran teachers and educational administrators, doctor’s scientist, and successful entrepreneurs creating jobs for the masses would be among these individuals. Students living in free state homes would be motivated to be educators scientist and productive citizens because they would know that they could earn a lot of money in these line of jobs. Only the best individuals would be hired to perform these jobs for the stage. Individuals would be allowed to create their own practices outside of the state but they would have to meet all requirements of the state and be licensed. The free market would still exist but the state would reward only the best and negotiate with those in the free market so that they may join the state in the effort to improve the country. Billion dollar entities like the NBA and the NFL would be taxed heavily and the tax dollars would go directly in to rebuilding the communities and creating jobs in the communities, which they represent. If an owner would go bankrupt, then the state, being the people would own the team (like they currently do in Green Bay for the Packers). Spending for such ideas would come from useless military spending, the money spent on welfare reform would be redirected towards the housing project and the creation of building these new hopes would be open to the free market to help stimulate the economy. The people that would take a direct hit from such a radical change would be politicians, entertainers, and Big businesses that earn most of their income from slave wage outsourcing. Money wasted on public education programs, that have not worked, would be redirected into weeding out bad teachers and paying good ones higher salaries. Along with higher taxation of companies that produce and sell tobacco, alcohol and adult entertainment, marijuana would be legal and taxed heavily and fortune 500 companies not creating jobs would be taxed heavily. Money would be taken from wasteful military spending and would be diverted to beef up homeland security and to regulate companies that hurt the economy because of bad practices. This is not a perfect world but I would prefer to live in this one then the current capitalist system we currently live in.