Smile - Instrumental.mp3

Perry Mason


It’s all in stages listen closely to the Narrative

No time for hesitation hope that you aint sensitive

The game of life is universal

What yo reality is

It’s based on those around you

and depends upon the rules you play

A lack of knowledge not conscious is how you stay defeated

Confusion and hate be the remedy to keep you muted

You Ever wonder why you got to pay to Eat, Sleep,

Learn, Earn

Limited wages making your world turn

This here been going on before you was a toddler

The time has come for change and peace

check it, wisdom and knowledge bra

Missionaries Making Minorities, Mentally Enslaved

Any Adversary attacked assisted to his grave

Secondary Socially Silent System of a Slave

Omitted Omissions open the Eyes upon of the Brave

Never Neglected I suspected and investigated                               

breaking the chains, exposing frauds like Perry Mason 

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