What is the 1up Movement, and 1up Entertainment?

When I use the phrase, “stay 1up”, it means to stay focused on making positive self-elevation and social change.  It means to avoid the evils and traps of the world, and to think more critically, to make good decisions. Staying 1up means, avoiding the drama, confusion, deceptions, and daily pitfalls.  It does not mean to 1up someone in a malice way, or to out do someone, to belittle them, or to brag and boast in success.  

The idea of "The 1up Movement," influenced by the philosophies of the honorable Marcus Garvey, is for individuals and organizations, to collaborate, to enhance economic and social conditions, using a process of social entrepreneurship, while maximizing critical thinking techniques.  We do not promote any religious organization or theology, but we accept those who promote non-divisive values and morals, while acknowledging their creator.  Our codes, below, are the guidelines we expect all individuals involved in our movement to uphold, promote, and follow.  Strategically, we like to reach out to start up nonprofit organizations that have great missions and ideas for problem solving, but limited manpower and resources. 

Instead of waiting for financial resources from the government (or the establishment), we try to figure out ways to work together to create revenue, awareness, and to obtain resources.  We are anti capital greed, and pro social collaboration, wealth building, and sharing.  We encourage positive social change, and we denounce anything that has proven to be harmful and destructive, to enhancing the minds and lives of young men and women.  The book, "Overstanding With A 1up Vision, The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation," and the articles I send out daily, reflect a new wave of effective media coverage, which highlights problems, but counters with solutions.  We avoid hate mongering and verbal attacks, while addressing real serious issues.  We allow debates, or perspectives, from both sides of the argument, to be presented side by side, for the readers to evaluate both sides of the coin, without using vulgar dialog and hateful rhetoric.  When interviewing musicians and entertainers, we go beyond the music, and we deal with issues about their family, and their codes and philosophies in life.  For those who may not be on board with the movement, we ask that they to try to be more conscious in the content of the work that they create, and to try to be involved in some of the activities that we create for social awareness.  1up Entertainment/Consulting is the organizational and business part of the 1up movement. Thank you for your time, and please contact us if you would like to build together. #RBG  

The 1up Movement Online

The 1up Codes

  • There is absolutely no room for fear
  • Trust has to be earned
  • They can say whatever they want, just monitor the moves they make.  Put them on the spot by offering to give them a hand, then they have no choice but to show if they are serious

  • Always look to work with others.  Never look to work for others.
  • Acknowledge your creator as often as you can

  • Observe and acknowledge the contradictions around you

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated, and if they continue to disrespect you, try to avoid their presence.
  • Never, speak or make a decision while angry.  Your decision making is best in a calm state of mind.

  • Laziness is unacceptable, but working smart keeps you from working hard without reward

  • Search for the individuals who can make you laugh without degrading themselves or someone else.

  • Promote critical thinking techniques and social entrepreneurship values to the youth

  • Using alcohol and drugs keeps you from staying 1up

  • Staying 1up means no one can push your buttons.

  • Recognize the actions and words of others that are not in your best interest.  Know your enemy.

  • Don’t become your own worse enemy. Always take time out of your life for self evaluation.

  • Constantly search for truth, while practicing critical thinking techniques.

  • In search of truth, it's often best to first denounce everything you’ve ever known, and start from the beginning.

  • Love and respect yourself
  • Mentally be ready to adapt to any situation
  • Place no value in material wealth





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