The Resident 


A man who was a resident of the 1st city made a habit of driving to the 2nd city to brag about how better his hometown was in comparison.  One day while in the 2nd City, a Woman who had never been to the 1st city asked if she could accompany the man back to the 1’st city to see what the big fuss was all about.  When the two entered the city, the woman was very impressed.  The streets were clean and everyone drove within the speed limit.  When the woman asked the man about the 1’st city rich history, the man admitted that he was not very familiar with the cities history and would prefer to talk about something else.  The woman then noticed that the man was driving 40 miles over the speed limit and littering on the street.  The woman pointed to the laws that were posted on the large billboard, which asked all residents not to go over the speed limit and not to litter on the streets.  While the woman was in dismay the man laughed and reminded the woman that she was from the city with the dirtiest streets, a grim history and dangerous roads. The woman replied.

“That may be true but all those who live in great cities are not responsible for their greatness just as all those who live in bad cities are not responsible for their debacle.”

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