If you are a Christian, Muslim, or you embrace Judaism, you acknowledge the existence of evil spirits, demons, and witches, unless you denounce the scriptures written in the Bible, the Torah, or the Quran.

With this fact being stated, why do so many Christians celebrate the Halloween Holiday, and have their kids dressed up in demonic costumes, (In the name of Having Fun?)

Pay attention to the social, political, and entertainment culture of society if you want to determine the true nature of the world you live in.

It will provide insight into all that you need to know concerning the world in which you live.

Do you see divide and hate, or do you see unity, compassion,and respect? ‪#‎Stay1up‬

30 years after you leave this earth, what will people know about your contribution to improving the human race? Will there be any evidence of you trying to make this world a better place?

Now that several months have gone by since you last voted, what specific bills have been written, passed, or promoted by the person you voted for? What specific bills and legislation is currently being pushed by the individuals you voted for, and how will this legislation effect you directly? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, why did you vote in the first place?




Excerpt from my new book, "Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach to Liberation."

7 Facts Many Racist Don’t Comprehend

1) Just because you attend church and believe in God does not mean you’re not a racist.

2) Just because you cheer for players of other races whom may play for your favorite NBA, NFL, college sports, or fantasy football team, does not mean you are not a racist.

3) Just because you don’t mind eating at the same table with someone of another ethnicity does not mean you are not a racist.

4) Just because your favorite actor or television show host is someone of another ethnicity does not mean you are not a racist.

5) Just because you like music performed by individuals from other ethnic groups does not mean you are not a racist.

6) Just because you would have sexual relations with someone of another ethnicity does not mean you are not a racist.

7) Just because you find yourself feeling sorry for “those people” and may have donated money or food, does not mean you are not a racist.

The slave master went to church and praised god. Slave masters gambled each other while competing their slaves against one another. They often cheered for their slaves to win the competition. Every now and then the slave master would let his slave eat in the big house, and sometimes a slave was rewarded and allowed to eat at the table with the master. The slave master often enjoyed the entertainment of his slaves through musical performance, dancing and humorous skits. The slave master often had sex with the slave and sometimes would make sure that his slaves ate well and were clothed during the winter.

THE SLAVE MASTERS ALWAYS FELT SUPERIOR TO THE SLAVE NO MATTER HOW OFTEN THEY MAY HAVE BONDED (Peace, Love, and Unity) If you enjoyed reading this excerpt, make sure to Order your copy now for only:

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 A Fathers Burden

Country Life School 


“Overstanding With A 1up Vision: The Critical Thinking Approach To Liberation”
(Paperback Version)


The book, “Overstanding With a 1up Vision” deals with a potpourri of issues, from the importance of critical thinking education, to why young people should be introduced to the concept of social entrepreneurship. Saye Taryor reintroduces the readers to the Martin Luther King who spoke out against the “Vietnam War,” and organized the “Poor People’s Campaign.” He also highlights the principals and objectives of the most influential organizations representing oppressed people in America. This book illuminates to readers the flaws of the current monetary economic system, while advocating that a resource based economic system, be the way of the future.

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There is a difference between glorifying negativity and talking about negative elements within your community/society. When you listen to music, you have to be able to pinpoint the difference, and you should reject and denounce the negative glorification that many rappers are paid to promote, by corporations within the music industry. Biggie Smalls was very talented young brother, and the community in which he lived was not a very healthy one. The root of problems, within communities like his, stem from many known variables, (starting with white supremacy) which many within the conscious community have pinpointed. Never the less, his music was very destructive and glorified a lot of the negative images, with which I have been told, he experienced or witnessed every day. As stated before, this is not to knock the fact that he was a very talented young man, and probably a very nice man. During a point in my youth, I enjoyed his music very much. The issue is, once I became conscious, I realized how destructive his music was, and currently is, to the minds of our children.

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Most people can learn a skill, or an occupation, when they are allowed to do so. I guarantee you, if you go to any low-income community, you can teach most of the young people, how to record and edit a music video, how to take professional pictures, how to make flyers and posters using Photoshop software, how to plan and promote a concert event, how to manage sound equipment or wire stage lights for a major staged event, how to stay within a budget while spending on a planned concert event, how to paint walls, grow flowers in a park, or how to build and put up a sage for a major concert event held in the local park.

If you went to the roughest part of Chicago, and you told the kids that the city would host a free hip-hop concert if the kids were willing to be involved in all the things I just stated, you would see all the job skills that these young kids already have, or you would see a strong desire from the kids to be willing to learn the necessary skills needed to get the free concert in their neighborhood.

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So you call yourself a revolutionary. Gathering people to overthrow a government, who are unconscious, lack similar values, lack discipline, uneducated, and who have no infrastructure or thought out plan for the new process, after the storm, is suicidal and criminal … that is not a revolution … that is a coup. In a revolution, a new system should be implemented. This is pretty much why you see the same mistakes taking over in many third world countries … Most of the time, the leaders of the coup are individuals paid off by western nations to be puppets, and to represent western “self-interests.” People are pretty much removing old officials and replacing them, while maintaining the same system which has existed. In America, many people often talk about revolution, but it will never work, because most Americans love they system, they just hate that they are feeling oppressed. They want the perks that come with the system. They are not against the system; they are against the individuals who are oppressing them in the system, and all they want to do is excel, within the system too.

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1up Entertainment/Music highlights and promotes talented musicians, of all genres, who areadvocates for critical thinking education and social entrepreneurship.  Musicians who partner with 1up Entertainment/Music understand how powerful words and images can be, and they agree to create and promote images and messages, which are educational, beneficial, and inspirational to people of all ages and nationalities.  Our job is to talk about and beyond the music with the artist and to share an in depth outlook on who the artist really is.  We also want to help create awareness about upcoming projects, while creating more opportunities for artists who partner with us.  We insist all aspiring artists, looking for a way to jump start their careers ( in a positive way) to contact us. 

1up Entertainment/Music top 15 rappers alive. This top 15 list is based on:

  • Lyrical Content
  • Flow
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Tenure
  • Stage Presence
  • Positive Influence    

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