Dat's What's Up


Chill and relax and let your mind get free (ALL)

You totally get the point no need to recall

Miseducated Mr. Woodson related

some people hated it debated

but you still don’t know

Your History up in the pyramids

they still don’t show

but you

you got your mind made up

Sorda like Dick Cheney

Sorda like George Bushes Daddy

on the Frank committee

they went from setting up Garvey

To Cointelpro

Knowing what your card holds

Positive my mind flows

Lay back…….lay low

That’s how the game goes

Self control


Your Mind Body & Soul

When I was seven use to moan and complain

Now I got principals

I’m grown enough to understand thang’s

Like how the TV & the radio can mentally chain

Young and old

Black and white

It’s irrelevant man

But check

I live the code of respect

See it’s the blood in my veins

my spirit essence and soul

Keeps me ready for change

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