Free Lancer


My rhymes be delivering Like Fed Ex

Stayin 1up, showing these folks how I flex

South Side Swats, to the GCM, back again

Southern Mississippi, telling you how I connect

Gets, Sorda like Voltron

leg and a arm studio

leavin a nigga broke, they got me eating churches chicken

Clogging up my throat, see my rhymes finger licking

Slipping deep into that creep mode

Like the president

You see……

I’m ejecting those that never wanted to give me PLAY

REWIND the times but now a days

a nigga be looking up FOWARD to a better day

deeper then Mark McGuire

lyrics injuring like an arson fire

Get it, let it


Like seasons off you your

Turkeys wanted to jerk me………

They slick

scheming up on my cheese

like rats, these cats, they trying to set me off in traps



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